Ecole Rosa Mystica is a French version of the litany of the Blessed Virgin in the Catholic Church meaning, “Mystical Rose School”. It is a Christian (Catholic Preschool) home which is committed to good morals, quality and a conducive atmosphere for all growing children. It is located in Ghana, Kumasi which is the second capital city in the country.

With an overall population of 30 kids from the crèche, nursery and kindergarten, there are three teaching and non-teaching staff who are very patient, welcoming, lovely and loves being with kids whiles supporting them to develop all their psycho-motor skills paying attention to their catholic Christian values. Though the center is a Christian home, other religious background like the Muslims, Jehovah witness and even the pagans have their wards schooling at Ecole Rosa Mystica. Currently, there are five (5) classrooms and with time and appeals from benevolent the center would increase the number of classrooms and then the intake for the other kids on the streets in the municipality of Ejisu-Juaben, would be catered for in the Center.



The mission of the school is to provide quality education that boost confidence in all kids to prepare them in becoming who they really want to be. The center was started to help all children who are less privileged to an excellent formal educational studies especially the stress girls with children performing the manual labor in the sun with these innocent children behind their backs. Ecole Rosa Mystica is devoted to alleviating the stress these babies and children go through by keeping them clean, feeding them, footing their medical bills whiles their mothers go out to work after which these kids are picked up by the parents to their various houses.


  • The school aims at improving Christian values and morals through quality and sound education.
  • To provide an inviting atmosphere for all who detest education.
  • To train children to identify their talents at the earliest stages of their lives for development.
  • To provide a Francophone atmosphere to children.

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Location:  Atonsu  or Dompoase Aprabo, Kumasi Ghana

Contact no :  + 233 243  940   743

                   +233 262 940   743

                    +233 549 430  709

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